I have been singing in choirs for most of my life. When I was at university in the 1970s, I was always a member of the choral society.

Each year, all of the university choral societies get together for a choral festival, the Inter-Varsity Choral Festival (IVCF). In my days, the more experienced singers used to form a small group called 'The Jim Crints Consort'. They used to perform some extra musical items at the festival concert.

This was a marvellous name. Whoever thought of it got it exactly right, because it evoked a famous and beloved British radio comedy show of the 1950s, The Goon Show, and particularly one of the comedians who created it, Spike Milligan. It is exactly the type of name that Spike Milligan would have thought up.

Well, even though, in those days, I was not good enough to be in The Jim Crints Consort, I still love the name, so I use it sometimes. I have had some more singing experience over the years. Maybe, now, if I could tolerate spending a week with 100 heavy-drinking 19 year-olds, they might let me join the Consort.

When I googled the Jim Crints Consort, I could only find one reference to it, in a record of the IVCF that I attended in Perth in 1973. http://www.aicsa.org.au/aicsapedia/moin.cgi/PIV1973.

There was another reference to Jim Crints, used in song books of that time. There he is listed as a composer or arranger or researcher. I think that the name signified an anonymous or collective contributor. It could possibly have been a pseudonym of one particular young musical leader of the day, but I don't know who. http://www.carringbush.net/~pml/ivcf/songbook/. When I find out, I'll let you know.

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