Voice recordings with different accents

—Recordings of a standard text, spoken by native English speakers with various accents

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The text

My name is Linny. I live in Brazil and study English in my free time. I'd like to be fluent in English someday. Three days ago I read a good book. It was on a Tuesday. Yesterday was Thursday and I had to work. The vacation is approaching and I can't wait to go to the beach.


A North American wrote this text. In Australia we would say:

  • ... my spare time
  • ... fluent in English one day
  • ... The holidays are approaching

The recordings

Chris's wonderful movie with some of the recordingsIn Inglês verde e amarelo
Australian female 22 years
Australian female 25 years
Australian male 56 years
Irish male living in Australia ~55 years
Northern Irish male ~25 years
UK Lincolnshire male ~35 years

I hope to make some more soon.

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