These links all relate in some way to learning English,
my interest in Brazil or my Brazilian friends

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Free on-line English lessons (parece muito bom) (para brasileiros) (fala) (É livre apesar dos anúncios em cima das páginas—role para baixo) (Não é meu. Só tem o mesmo nome. Outro que quer ajudar brasileiros)

English resources

Inglês verde e amarelo (Community for Brazilians who are learning English

Christopher O'Donnell's page in Inglês verde e amarelo (He is the creator and webmaster of the community. There are many resources on his page)

David A Bailey's page in Inglês verde e amarelo | His English school website

English—Portuguese false cognates collection 1 | collection 2 | collection 3

Glossary of Australian words | A collection of colourful Australian expressions
Some of the expressions are not explained very well. Please ask about any that you don't understand. I might have to do my own version of this page. See elsewhere on that site for some less polite expressions.

Some vocabulary differences between British and American English
Australians generally use the British words.

How to form nicknames and 'diminutives' in Australia
Australians are famous for giving nicknames (alcunhas) and 'diminutives' to everything. It this way we are similar to Brazilians, because they love making diminutives too. We have 10 different ways of doing this! This site is about names of places, but you can use exactly the same rules for naming people. Actually, the Australian nicknames are not really diminutives, because they are not about being small. They are called 'hypocoristics'.

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